Wizard Code

Wizard Code, Draft #4 is a draft of a book I am writing on low-level programming. The language of choice is C most of the time, but we occasionally dive into assembly as well. Also take a look at the Wizard Code page.

Zero Project

Zero is an early attempt to create a new kernel and software for it; mostly the project is currently desktop- and programming-oriented. One vision is the ultimate system for hacking more code on.

Resurrection Project

Resurrection is a project with the emphasis on implementing a new window manager and terminal emulator for the X Window System, Release 11. The project has an early toolkit to drive the clients, and there are other small, unfinished, applications such as an image viewer and an application launcher. If you think you would like to maintain the project, contact tuomoster AT gmail DOT com.

Graphics Projects

Now and again, I get into creating computer graphics. Here are a few pieces I've done over the years.

plasma with diffractionGIMP
plasma with differenceGIMP
plasma with a Mandelbrot fractal traceGIMP
pixelized plasmaGIMP
plasma with lighting + bumpmapGIMP
plasma seamless for tilingGIMP
audio buttonsPOVRay

Lyrics Projects

hacker soul
wild spirits ride free

Game Projects

game page

Roland Vintage Synth M-VS1

So I got retro and bought some retro synth sounds in a module. Sounds good so far; I have recorded a Jan Hammer's Crockett's Theme (FLAC) with it, as well as Europe's Final Countdown (FLAC).